Inappropriate levels of caring impact on children’s own emotional and physical health as well as their educational achievement and life chances. 

As described in the Refugee Toolkit, as a young carer barriers to education and achievement may include:

  • Bullying because of family illness or caring responsibilities.
  • Isolation - difficulties making new friends in peer group.
  • Difficulty completing homework
  • Poor attendance at school due to caring role
  • Unable to take part in extra curricular activities
  • Tiredness and difficulty concentrating
  • Having parents or carers who are unable to attend parents evenings

BME young carers may also face additional barriers including, for example, racist bullying. Refugees and Asylum Seekers may also face:

  • Loss of identity
  • The loss of friends and family
  • Concerns about the future 
  • Lack of English skills and knowledge of systems
  • Stresses in the family
  • Disruption to education

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