The likelihood is that in every primary school, secondary school and college, there will be a number of young carers. These children’s well-being and personal achievement may be being affected by their practical and emotional responsibilities in the home. 

Being aware of this and having a school policy that helps identify and support and refer them where necessary are vital first steps. 

Some of the things young carers and other children ask of their schools, as reported in a publication by The Children’s Society, is: 

  • Teachers who have an understanding of what you have been through 
  • More people to talk t who can deal with situations 
  • A quiet area to go to when you are down or want to chill out
  • Extra support with school work
  • Teachers not shouting at you 
  • Counselling help
  • Less bullies
  • Identifying special teachers who you can talk to
  • Knowing other children who are young carers as well
  • To be taught more life skills
  • School nurses need to check we are okay and do home visits and meet family

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