Cultural awareness


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Diverse communities and support 

Carers from BME communities mostly have the same needs as others. However, culturally sensitive ways of enabling people to access services are needed, and some services may need to adapt the way they are provided to meet the needs of particular communities. Different communities are likely to require different approaches to meet the same needs. 

Many black, Asian and other minority ethnic families, including Gypsy and Traveller families and new migrants, are isolated from services. 

The majority of people of black and Asian origin in Britain were born here, and in some places no longer form a minority of the population, but still experience a lack of support to meet their specific cultural needs.

Ensure that all staff have appropriate training in cultural competence and can demonstrate at least a minimum understanding of the personal care and social care needs of the communities they are working in. However do not assume that all families from a particular culture will have the same needs.

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